Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Silverbeet or Swiss chard. We've been talking an awful lot about chard lately. That's because this is the first year that we've planted it in our vegetable garden. It's been an undeniable success and we're eating batches and batches of the stuff.

Swiss chard growing in our garden. These leaves are about two feet tall.

It's real good cooked up and served like fresh spinach, but that's just the beginning. Ken has made it with a mustard-y cream sauce, which was very nice. I've baked it into an eggy quiche as well as a more chard-y tart. We used only the stems one time to make a tomato and cheese gratin.

On Monday, we stuffed chard leaves with a pork/beef/veal farce (stuffing) and poached them. I'm certain there will be photos of that on Ken's blog (and here they are).

And the plants continue to produce! We're in chard heaven. Add to that our frozen mustard greens and collards and you can see we'll be getting our minimum daily requirements of greens for some time to come.


  1. Walt, you might find yourself selling the vegetables you can't eat at your local market soon ;)

  2. I'll help with vacuuming :) Oh, darn, you've probably finished already, and area all off at Grill le Bousquet! Just my luck :)


  3. Our chard is just getting big enough to harvest. We had the first batch the other night- plain and simple, steamed with a little lemon butter. Yum.

  4. My mouth is watering over the stuffed and poached dish........

  5. isabelle, we just freeze 'em and eat 'em later!

    judy, yeah, it's done. But it'll need doing again before too long...

    doug, that sounds real good.

    evol, it was so good!


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