Friday, July 24, 2009

Une Porte

Having grown up in the United States, I never really noticed doors and windows until I came to Europe. To my eyes, the doors and windows here are often little works of art. Even the most plain, like this one in St.-Aignan, can be beautiful. The variety of wood, color, patina, hardware, and stonework is nearly infinite.

A rounded door, shut tight.

When I returned to the States I started noticing the artful doors and windows there, too. Of course, they were there all along, but for some reason I never paid them any mind.

Some people make a specialty of photographing doors and/or windows. I've seen posters made up with collages of door photos. I'm certain there are door and window coffee table books. I have my own little collection, too. But it only exists piecemeal; I've never tried to organize any of it.

Maybe that will be a project one rainy winter day.


  1. Great photo. Wonder what's inside.

  2. I think we see "home" with new eyes when we are away for some time, and that's a good thing.
    It makes us appreciative of what we take for granted.
    Oh yes, I like the pic too.
    Can I send you my doors and windows and we can do the book together????????????
    France, USA and OZ windows and doors.

  3. Once in a while, I look at a blog of a man who takes pictures of fountains and doors all over France.
    About the "birthers" : the Republicans want their empire back!

  4. Nadege, which blog is that then. Sounds interesting.

  5. I think we never really "see" our hometown until we've left, for however long we're gone.

  6. Jean, the gentleman's blog is I will also paste his address in the "comment" of your blog

  7. That sounds like a good rainy day winter project for you, Walt. I'll look forward to seeing the results.


    p.s. Nadege, thanks for the website.

  8. Birthers??????


  9. Uhhh, never mind. Nuff said.


  10. jean, good question, although I think it's a house.

    leon, that would be a rather large volume, eh?

    nadege, merci for the link.

    starman, I agree.

    bettyann, we shall see. Birthers are people who don't think Obama was born in the US. Conspiracy theorists. Crazies.


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