Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Friendly Visit

The latest guests on the "Deck of Fame" were Alana and her mom Sherrie on Tuesday evening. Ken became acquainted with Alana through the Slow Travel France forum where he participates regularly. She and Sherrie are spending two weeks in the Loire Valley and a week in Paris this summer.

Sherrie (left) and Alana. Don't they look like sisters?

Alana lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and they both enjoy traveling and France. You can read about some of their adventures on Alana's blog here. Sherrie lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest, just outside of Portland, Oregon.

It was a lot of fun getting to know them both and we enjoyed their visit. We had drinks out on the deck, as you can see, along with some olives and home-made hummus spread on toast. The evening was warm and the time went so quickly that before we knew it it was after eleven!

We hope they continue to enjoy their adventures in our region and have a great time in Paris next week!


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  2. Walt, we had an amazing and relaxing evening. I couldn't think of a better way to while away these hot nights this week than with wine and new friends!

  3. I think I can see cherry cordial on the table !! The new deck looks good too. I bet those thunderstorms are just waiting for us to get off the ferry at Le Havre on Saturday morning. It's happened before !

  4. The deck does look great, Walt, and I love the variety of what you're growing in the garden.

  5. alana, it was great to meet you both! Come back any time. :)

    jean, yes, that's Susan/Simon's cordial! We made kirs.

    will, thanks. We hope our weather stays good and we get a good harvest!


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