Friday, July 03, 2009

Give Me Your Answer, Do

At some point during the past week, when I wasn't looking, our stand of tall daisies burst into bloom. I must have missed the memo.

The daisies have come out!

They'll be beautiful for a couple of months, then they'll start to die back and I'll put off trimming them until late fall. This is a pattern of mine. But you will forgive me this, because I have wood to cut for the winter, and a humongous hedge to trim in the fall.

And the butterflies are enjoying the feast!

While the daisies are blooming, the show is quite nice. And the bees and butterflies love them. We've transplanted some with the hope of having a new stand out back by the fence. I think it'll take a few seasons to get what we want, but we have time.

A close-up.

The days are hot and long right now. It's very nice, and I'm resisting the temptation to complain about the heat. It's really not that hot, and the humidity is not oppressive. I know when this heat breaks I will miss it.

So we're taking it easy, not working too hard. And we're drinking plenty of fluids...


  1. By fluids you mean water, I'm sure, bubbly or otherwise!

  2. Hi Walt, I was about to write the same comment, but chm beat me to it! :)) Martine

  3. Lovely pictures, Walt. That close-up is beautiful. I love daisies.

  4. I think there was a missing "heh, heh" at the end of your post.

  5. i drank way too many fluids myself last night!...we have wwoofers staying with us from france and they brought us a selection of wine from their region (alsace). nice!

    the daisies are lovely, one of my favorites to gaze at.

  6. chm, but of course.

    martine, :)

    jean, merci!

    bill, hmmmm, whatever could you mean?

    tansy, enjoy!


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