Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pole Beans

This is the first year that we've tried pole beans in the garden. One year we tried runner beans when a British friend brought us some seeds. Usually we plant bush beans, either green or yellow.

Pole beans beginning their climb.

One of our readers, an American named Carolyn, was kind enough to send us some pole beans (as well as several tomato varieties) from a seed producer she likes. So into the garden they went this spring! Now they're up and climbing their poles and putting out blossoms.

Beautiful purple blossoms will lead to yummy beans.

I have five poles with three to four bean plants per pole. I can't wait to get our first crop. We already have our first yellow beans ready to pick, and we're still waiting on the limas.

Thanks, Carolyn, for the seeds!


  1. Walt
    What is the difference between Pole beans and Runner beans? Are Pole beans flat or rounded?
    I'm surprised you guys were not backing a player from the USA in the Wimbledon final.....I'm glad Federer won as well though. Freezing cold and wet on the south coast of the UK as well.

  2. I prefer pole beans because they produce far longer than the same variety as a bush bean. What variety are yours? Our favorite is Blue Lake.

  3. Hi Walt,

    This is Kathy in Rochester NY, I have been reading yours and Ken's blog now for well over a year, probably longer and figured it was about darn time I said hello! Never been to France, love reading the blogs though and enjoy your humor. I am a 44 yr old working mom, and having read that you were at one time working in Albany (I work with a major restaurant group that has members in Albany and was just there recently) I thought you may have headed westward near Rochester at some point in your travels! So anyway... waving hello from Rochester NY, where I live about 1/2 mile from the shore of Lake Ontario. (ps. love the recipes :)

  4. Beans! Reading your posts and Ken's always give me a hunger for fresh fresh fresh food. That's good!


  5. Your beans look great. The Loire Valley seems to be a good home for the Rattlesnake bean. Ours haven't started to flower yet--too many cool nights (in the 50s) here. If this is summer, I want my money back.

    My word verification is hotone. Hmmm.

  6. When you 'say' yellow beans, do you mean what we call wax beans?

  7. nothing like fresh veggies....Barb

  8. veronica, I'm not at all certain. I'll post photos when we have beans.

    chris, it's called Rattlesnake pole bean.

    kathy, thanks for commenting! I grew up in Albany, but I've never been to Rochester!

    judy, we love beans in all their forms.

    carolyn, we're having a week of cool temps right now, but temps are predicted to rise again over the coming weekend. Hope yours do, too.

    starman, yes, wax beans.

    barb, you can say that again!

  9. I love pole beans, especially purple/vintage types.


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