Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Blackberry

Although I'm having trouble getting it to connect to the internet. Oh well. I may just have to eat it. But seriously, folks...

Blackberry blossoms with fruit forming.

The blackberries that grow wild out around the edges of the vineyards and woods are in full flower now. Some even have fruit beginning to ripen. Great food for birds, deer, and intrepid humans willing to brave the thorns and bugs to pick berries.

Oh, and today is la fête nationale, know to us Americans as Bastille Day, in France. Our town, like many others, held its fireworks display last night. It's the last day of a four-day weekend, unless you are a juillettiste and are still on vacation.


  1. Mmmm, Blackberries are delicious. I much prefer them to Blueberries.

  2. I am amazed, stupefied even, at the variety of flowers and edible fruits and vegetables both wild and tame growing in your neighborhood.

    Thanks for all the great pics...you and Ken are giving us all a fine flora education.

    And happy Bastille Day...even in NH,I have 2 parties to attend.

  3. Is the Juillettiste a new trend replacing those who vacation in August or are they taking both July and August as vacations?

  4. I expected some patriotic picture on display today. Joyeuse Fete!

  5. Although not native, Blackberries grow like crazy all over Oregon. A simple single seed dropped by a bird can cause a jungle. They are tough to get rid of...but yummy to eat. Have you ever had a Huckleberry?
    Viva La France!

  6. Our neighbour's garden is completely overgrown and wild blackberries are spilling over onto ours. That means blackberry and apple crumble in August and September. Scrummy.!!

  7. evol, I'm not sure about that, I love good blueberries...

    bill, thanks! Hope the parties were fun!

    paulita, no, it's just that some people vacation in July and others in August.

    rachael, I guess blackberries aren't very patriotic, are they?

    stephen, nope, I don't think I've ever had a huckleberry.

    jean, sounds great!

  8. BlackBerry Connect on my mobile (Sony Ericsson G900) couldn't run :(


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