Monday, July 27, 2009

A Café With A View

More of St.-Aignan's collégiale church, this time seen from my comfy seat at the Lapin Blanc. Did I mention that we were sipping wine? And eating a pizza? And laughing a lot?

The collégiale viewed from the Lapin Blanc.

I'm glad that so many of you have mentioned that you're enjoying this St.-Aignan series. Even though this isn't the town we live in (we're right next-door), we spend a lot of time here. No, not in the café, but running many errands. And I don't often take the camera with me, so I found I don't have many photos of the place.

Our doctor and dentist are in St.-Aignan, as is the pharmacy we go to. There's also a branch of our bank, our insurance agent's office, a post office, a jewelry store where we get our watch batteries changed, and a couple of gifty-type stores we visit when we need something gifty.

Then there's the Saturday market, the little superette with the charcuterie, the two butchers (both of whom we visit from time to time), our Super U supermarket, an Ed discount grocery, a small electronics/appliance store, a couple of florists, a Mr. Bricolage hardware store, and the car dealer from whom we bought our little Peugeot.

We've eaten at at least six of the town's restaurants, including the pizzeria and the little crêperie. And we've visited most of the cafés and bakeries in town, but we're not what you'd call regulars at those establishments.

Just writing all that down makes me realize that little St.-Aignan actually has a lot going for it. I did take the camera with me on Saturday morning and walked around town taking snapshots.

Brace yourselves.


  1. I'm braced.!! I just love all these street views. They make me feel as though I'm there, looking at the buildings. Which I will be in about 3 weeks time. Can't wait.

  2. there IS a lot more to it than it appeared when I visited there a few yrs back.....I remember wondering where people shopped because i didn't see too many places open.....we wandered up to the chateau & saw someone coming out the door, so I assumed it was an office now.....Do people live there?? We ate in a small cafe around the corner from the steps leading up to the chateau...

  3. Happily awaiting the onslaught!


  4. Keep 'em coming!

  5. How many restos are there in Saint-Aignan? From your description of what you do when there, it seems a lot larger than I might have first thought.

  6. Do the little flags hanging between the buildings signify anything?

  7. how about photos and comments about the locals?
    Are you accepted there?

  8. jean, still 3 weeks away? Ugh!

    melinda, the château is indeed a private residence and is lived in.

    judy, good!

    bettyann, here it comes!

    ginny, we're on track.

    starman, there are at least six or seven in town.

    evol, I think they were put up for Bastille Day. Just decorative. most are just triangles, others are international and/or regional flags.

    urspo, I'm leary of taking people's photos for the blog without their permission, unless they're just random crowd shots. And yes, we have been warmly welcomed and accepted; it's been great.


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