Saturday, July 04, 2009

Clafoutis In July

Cherry time is just about over. But for those willing, there are still cherries on some of the trees. The birds haven't yet finished them off. Many are way up high, but some are still reachable.

What may be the last clafoutis of the season.

Ken went out on Thursday and picked a basketful around the neighborhood (where we have permission or where the tree is abandoned). And I made the classic French dessert: clafoutis de cerises (klah-foo-tee duh sir-eez). This is our third or fourth one so far this year.

It's a very simple egg custard that you pour over the cherries and bake: three eggs, 125 grams sugar, 80 grams flour, 1/4 liter milk, a tablespoon of melted butter, and a dash of kirsch. Since we try to eat with the seasons, we only have cherry clafoutis at this time of year.

Such a treat!


  1. That will of course be red white & blue wine.

  2. Woooo hoooooooooo! Hey, have I asked this before about Clafoutis? What is the end result consistency supposed to be? I've never had it, except once when a student made it... and his was pretty thin and pretty rubbery :)) We all laughed and wondered what we were SUPPOSED to be eating.

    Happy 4th!


  3. Yummmm!

    Happy 4th, Walt! Can you believe Roddick made it to the finals? Of course, Federer will take it, he's playing better than ever, and I love to watch his game. But it's great that Andy's had such a wonderful tourney.

  4. I have read about you making cherry clafoutis for what seems like every other day for the last few months. Today, Independence Day, I'm not going to read about it any more. Today I'm making it! Thanks for the recipe.

    Chuck (BrassFrog)

  5. that sounds and looks delicious...are the cherry sour or sweet? i have a gallon of sour frozen from our season.

    what is kirsch?

  6. Walt
    I love clafoutis and have made it several times. Yours looks excellent. I don't know if you like vanilla but it is a nice addition to this dish but you need to use real vanilla pods. happy 4/7.
    Veronica (Brighton)

  7. Lordy,'ve really outdone yourself now. One of my most favorite things....ever.

  8. judy, it's like a flan, maybe a bit firmer.

    ginny, I'm rooting for Federer. I want to see him break Sampras' record!

    chuck, go for it!

    tansy, these were actually a mixture, but it's very good when made with either. I prefer tart cherries. Kirsch is cherry brandy.

    veronica, I've never thought about adding vanilla. Sounds good!

    alewis, do you make them, too?

  9. I've never had cherry clafoutis. I must rectify that.

  10. I make it with half flour, half almond meal. It's really toad in the hole with cherries instead of sausages (but I don't suppose that helps any American readers understand how it's supposed to turn out...)

  11. starman, yes, you must!

    susan, I suspect you're right. I don't think I've ever eaten toad in the hole!


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