Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Only The Shadow Knows

So here's a lame post. I took yet another picture of my shadow. At least I know it's still with me, so I will stay forever young, like Peter Pan. Yeah, right.

Second star to the right and straight on 'till morning.

Here's hoping your shadow never gets away from you!

And Happy July!


  1. Walt, do you move quicker than your shadow, like the character Lucky Luke?

  2. I'm getting my hair cut today, too. I can't believe how quickly time passes, because it seems like a couple of weeks ago that you were talking about your last haircut... it's been 3 months?!?!? Whew.


  3. Walt, I'm starting to worry about you. (smile)

  4. Are you all alone and feeling blue? (I don't think so, not on such a sunny day!)

  5. I think yesterday's post rubbed off on you. That explains the "corniness." Ouch!

    Actually, it's a cute pic. Brought me a smile.

  6. Is your shadow trying to get into the car?

  7. Are you flexing your muscles in this pic, or gesturing rudely to the camera?

  8. hohoho
    Jungians know
    it is never a question of 'do I have a Shadow"
    "Where is my Shadow now?"

  9. isabelle, no, unfortunately my shadow is much quicker than me.

    judy, I got it cut at the beginning of April!

    kendall, no need to worry... I'm always like this.

    chris, nope!

    ginny, ooh, I almost went for that one myself...

    starman, he didn't share his intentions with me.

    evol, muscles? hahahahaha!

    urspo, good question.


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