Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Legal Eagle

The United States Courthouse in Albany, New York, is a beautiful example of the Art Deco style of architecture. Completed in 1934, this massive building on Broadway was also home to a U.S. Customs office and the Albany office of the U.S. Postal Service (the Postal Service moved out in 1995).

One of the marble eagles over the northern entrance to the building.

Among the prominent features of the building are the stylized eagles perched over the two main entrances to the building on Broadway. Each of the eagles is eight feet tall and they were carved from solid blocks of Vermont marble.

I would love to have had the time and ability to venture inside to explore the ornate lobbies and take pictures. Maybe one day.

You may have noticed that this post is not about France. The next one won't be, either. Since I haven't ventured out much during our cold and snowy period, I have reverted to last fall's trip to upstate New York for blog fodder. France stuff will resume shortly. :)


  1. Love that eagle.
    My grandfather, who died before I was born, owned several marble quarries in southern Vermont, Berkshire County, MA. back in the mid last century. So much interesting US history attached to that whole culture itself.

  2. I love art deco. I like this eagle a lot, he looks like he could protect us for harm.

  3. I love courthouses. I love the stone and the formality. Some of them are like walking into a cathedral.

  4. If you've been reading my blog, you know I totally sympathize with anyone who doesn't want to be out in freezing temperatures.

  5. Great photo.
    Could you send some of that milder weather over here, please ?

  6. suzanne, very cool.

    evelyn, art deco architecture can really be beautiful.

    larry, form follows function, I think somebody once said.

    starman, yes! I can deal with a little chilly weather, but below freezing for long periods of time is not so easy any more.

    jean, on its way.


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