Sunday, January 24, 2010

Une Image De Troo

That's a little play on words... get it? Here's another shot of the Collégiale St.-Martin in Troo, just for fun.

The bell tower of the collégiale in Troo.

Today is the day of the two NFL Conference Championship games in the United States. But I won't see them today because of the time difference. I'll get up at 7:30 on Monday morning to watch both games re-broadcast. Should be fun!


  1. Il y a trop de trous a Troo.

  2. The first game, Jets vs Colts, doesn't even start until 15h00, which is a good thing since I didn't get out of bed until after 13h00.

  3. I probably missed it, but have you blogged on how 'French" you are ? or are you forever an auslander as you are not officially French?
    and does it have anything to do with how long you have lived there, or how well you speak french?

  4. melinda, I don't know who won yet! Watching now...

    cheryl, like swiss cheese, apparently.

    starman, I had to get up at 07h30 to watch.

    michael, no, I don't think I've blogged on that, per se. I don't have citizenship, and I'm not French by birth or through family history. I'll always be a foreigner; my accent and funny way with the language give me away. And I don't really look French, either.


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