Monday, January 11, 2010

The Log Pile In Winter

Ok, I'm reaching here. I haven't been out of the house except to walk the dog in a while. And it's been either too cold or too dark to take the camera out on recent walks. I'm reduced to taking pictures out the kitchen window.

Our central firewood management facility.

This is part of our driveway. The big log pile under the green tarp is next year's wood. This year's dwindling supply is cut and stored under the carport on the left. The green garbage cans are filled with kindling. I think we'll have plenty of cut wood to get us through the season, unless this below zero weather continues for another month, at which point I'll have to get out there with the chainsaw again.

By the way, the car goes in the garage, so that's why the carport is available for wood storage.


  1. Such a pretty photo, but if only we could be taking pictures of sunshine and crocuses and ...... anything but snow !!
    How long until Spring ??

  2. You are fortunate to have beautiful views from your home's windows!

  3. Do you have employees who manage the Facility for you?

    I love winter scenes!

  4. Whoa--"unless this below zero weather"--is that below zero celsius or below zero fahrenheit? If it's the latter, I would think it might be unusually cold for that part of France?

  5. I love real fires. a pile of firewood for the winter looks so cheery and comforting. having something like this makes me long to be back in cold climates.

  6. Hi,
    I am so glad to see I am not the only housebound resident in the Loire...AND very glad to have a pile of wood like that, VERY happy!
    I am the FAN of Will's (desinger blog) from the Loire, I wonder if our paths crossed on his comments list recently? I'll send you a message if possible.
    stay warm

  7. jean, too long! But, it will come. :)

    judy, thanks!

    evelyn, I like the trees better with leaves, but it is pretty all year 'round.

    alewis, that would be moi!

    will, it's celsius. Not like New Hampshire...

    michael, that, and sawing, chopping, and stacking, not to mention the daily lugging of wood into the house and cleaning ashes out of the stove.

    anon, hi! Are you Tim?


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