Friday, January 29, 2010

Pit Stop

This is a little pocket park in Loches, just outside the gate to the upper medieval city. If it's not too busy, you can park your car right across the street in a small lot along the ramparts, otherwise you need to park below and walk up. Next to the gate there's an informational sign about the medieval city and this little park which features a free public restroom.

A very inviting place to rest on a warm summer day.

The bench is there for resting while you and your friends take turns using the facilities. There's also a nice overlook of part of the newer town below.


  1. Lovely photo.
    The view over the town from the chateau at Loches is fantastic - we have spent many a lazy afternoon enjoying it. I hope you have some photos for us .!

  2. jean, go up to the top and type "Loches" in the search box and scroll through the results. There are lots of Loches photos in the archives!

  3. Does the name of your new car insurance company start and end with an 'A'? :)

  4. Martine, the old company was Axa. It was expensive. The new company is MMA (zéro tracas, zéro blabla). The price is lower and as far as I can tell the coverage is better.

  5. jean, i just created a label for "loches" in the sidebar, so if you click on that, all the Loches posts will show up on their own.

  6. Walt, you are so kind and helpful !

    Re: insurance. We recently saved £130 (about €150 ) and got better cover for our European travels by moving our car insurance. What you say is interesting, there is a MMA office in Le Grand-Pressigny, so it's good to know they are competitive.

    I'm afraid I am lazy and tend to just renew a policy - shopping around is such a time-consuming pain. But when we have more time and less disposable income it will be very important.

  7. Sue and I need to revisit Loches next March. We will TGV it to Tours and then hire a car.
    Any advise on car hire please.

  8. Ken, With Axa, did you ask for a MiniKM cover (less than 10000 km per year) and the discount for 50+ drivers? It might have made a serious difference ! And as a 50+ driver you even get a free car unlimited while yours is being repaired or replaced!

  9. I also moved from Axa to MMA for my apartment in Paris two years ago. Such a difference!

  10. Martine, how would I know to ask for these discounts? A good agent should offer them, but mine didn't. By the way, I drive more than 10,000 km per year, on average. And nobody ever mentioned the unlimited replacement vehicle for people over 50.

    The MMA staff people were visibly astonished when I told them what I was paying. My AXA policy gave me a 24-hour car rental if my car broke down, and MMA offers 7 days. All for 200 euros less per year -- 400 compared to 600.

  11. Great picture of the tea room. The flowers are amazing.

  12. jean, more coming up!

    martine, as consumers we need to shop around for the best value for money!

    leon, yes, you should. But I haven't rented a car in Europe in many, many years, so I'm not a good one to ask.

    chm, we might be looking at changing our homeowner's policy as well this year.

    starman, hehehe...

  13. what a beautiful photo...keep them coming!


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