Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Photo Du Jour : Little Plants

I don't know what they're called. But I see them all over the ground beside the dirt road through the vineyards. Some of them are bright green, other stems have turned an orangy-red.

The "dead of winter" doesn't include these.

They seem to survive freezing weather just fine. Unless the orangy-red branches are ones that have not survived, in which case that is the explanation for their color.

Anybody familiar with these?


  1. I'm not! :))
    But, they are attractive. I wonder if they're some kind of fern?


  2. Whatever they are, it's nice to see a bit of bright colour here and there.

  3. Don't know what they are, but they brightened my morning just by seeing them.


  4. Walt, Love the new banner! I'm curious, what do you have to do to get these wider photos? Or is it a secret? Martine

  5. Love the new banner photo.
    We have been to Chaumont - it's beautiful and your photo does it justice.

  6. I love frail young plants growing despite the environment. there is something cheering about such hope.

  7. I think it is Erodium cicutarium / Common Storks-bill / Bec-de-grue à feuilles de Ciguë. It's in the true Geranium family.

  8. judy, they look a little like ferns, don't they?

    jean, that's for sure!

    teri, cool!

    martine, thanks. Getting the wider photos involves editing your template's html code and using a url link to the photo rather than the blogger uploader.

    michael, the hope of spring, I hope!

    susan, thanks! I've not heard of storks bill before. I'll look it up to learn more!

  9. susan, I've looked it up and now realize what it is! I recognize the flowers. I've taken photos of them so many times.


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