Sunday, January 03, 2010


A favorite new appetizer for us this past year has been little rolls of smoked salmon stuffed with céleri rémoulade (grated celery root in a mustardy mayonnaise with cream). They're pretty and are a good finger food when having a glass or two of wine with guests.

Smoked salmon with céleri rémoulade.

The past couple of days we've done a little variation on the appetizer by making it into a full-blown first course. Instead of rolling the salmon around small amounts of céleri, we lay the slices over a larger portion of salad and serve it on a bed of lettuce, accompanied by a black olive or two, and sprinkled with a little dill.



  1. That looks yummy- I love dill with salmon and I see you must also.

  2. Hmmm... very interesting. It looks crisp and refreshing. Great after the many indulgences of the period of les fêtes, eh? I don't think I ever had the céléri remoulade when I was in France, though I talk about it when teaching about foods.

    Lovely presentation!

  3. Mmmm, it looks wonderfully delicious.

  4. Wow. I'm impressed (but not surprised). :-)

  5. It looks very refreshing and is probably wonderful on a hot day.
    Joyeuse Saint Epiphanie!

  6. That looks seriously good.

  7. That looks incredibly tasty.

  8. I love a good appetizer
    This one looks splendid, indeed.

  9. evelyn, yes. I thought about it too late, but fresh dill would have been better than the dry stuff.

    judy, I loved céleri remoulade since the beginning. I almost lived on that and carottes rapées for a while. They're still staples in our house!

    larry, it is!

    eleanor, the only impressive thing is that we made the céleri remoulade at home instead of buying it at the deli.

    nadege, oh, a hot day! I could use one of those!

    stephen, thanks!

    victor, I'll save you some.

    walt, and it's good for you!

    michael, so do I!

  10. It IS yummy, I know that 'cos I've tasted it !!
    Thanks again for a great afternoon and a lovely lunch. Excellent company, too !!

  11. How odd - I left a comment about this and it has disappeared. I said I was going to do it as the starter to my meal on Sunday.

    Where has it gone?


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