Monday, January 04, 2010

Eighteen Years Ago

January 1992. Ken and I were touring around Normandy and Brittany in a rented car. It was dark, wet, and cold most of the time. Still, we enjoyed eating mussels and visiting new places along the channel and the coast. And there were no crowds.

Granville, Normandy, January 1992.

One afternoon we stopped to walk around in the old section of Granville, on the Cotentin peninsula. I've posted other photos from that day here. I took this picture as we walked along the wall that surrounds the town up on its rocky point.


  1. Oh gee, I enjoyed reading your old post about this trip! Thanks for including the link :)

    It's ridiculously cold here: 5°F. The low this coming Friday is supposed to be 0°! This is not typical.

    Do you and Ken tire les rois on the 6th, or on the Sunday before?? I have seen several reports saying that folks tend to do it on the Sunday before the 6th, but I'm sure that "my" family did it on a weekday, so we must have actually done it on the 6th. Anyone have a good suggestion for a fève here, in this land of no fèves?


  2. Judy (and Walt), I just read in the LA Times that Armenians celebrate "Christmas" on January the 6th, which is more meaningful to them than December 25th. If you go on Jerusalem hills daily photo, Dina explains the story of "Epiphany"...

  3. Walt,

    Believe it or not , it is only -7C today

  4. Great photo. Looks as though it could have been taken in the 50's or 60's, almost in black and white.
    I must admit, it looks very cold - all our trips to Normandy have been cold even in summer.

  5. Nadège, I understand that Spain celebrates Epiphany also as their most important Christmas-season holiday, and that's when everyone gets their gifts.

    I'm quite excited to have found out today that I have won a little antique French fève from Corey at "Tongue In Cheek" blog :

    Wooo hooo!

  6. Judy that is great! (I wish I could send you an email but I don't know how to get hold of you except "through" Walt). It makes me sad to think of all the feves of my childhood that we threw away. I will look for them when I am in France in fairs. I have seen them, along with champagne metal caps.

  7. judy, I'm glad we're not as cold as that. We usually just have a galette des rois on the 6th, because they're good. Last year I started making my own, because they're also very expensive. I'm making pâte feuilletée today.

    nadege, interesting...

    beaver, only! ha!


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