Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The snow on the deck is slowly dwindling away. It melts a bit each time the temperature rises, but the days have not yet been warm enough for it all to go. That may change today as a warm front moves through and brings rain.

Some rare morning sun casts shadows from the railing onto the deck surface.

For now, I've immortalized the boundary between snow and tile.


  1. God, I hope the snow melts today... It snowed here least night and recovered everything white a powdery white blanket... And, just when I thought it was safe to walk on the sidewalks again... everything was pretty melted away by yesterday...

    When I walked out to the bus stop... I realized just HOW MANY people had taken their dogs out for a walk.... Now, how did I know that???!!! The evidence was clear! Now, it's it's all buried!!!!

  2. Walt,
    Yes we are melting in Melbourne as well - 44C on Monday, that's about 114F I think. Cooler today @ low 30s. Just completing my pre-bedtime blog reading. Have a good day.

  3. Only been back in Australia for a day and a half and I already miss the snow :(

  4. Lovely picture.
    Reminds me of a tray of freshly baked brownies with icing sugar sprinkled over.

  5. be known from now on as "The Streeter Line of Demarcation".

    Cross at your peril.

  6. We are slowly getting back to normal (mid to upper 20sC). I hope you get some good warm weather soon.

  7. leesa, just remember, if you step in it with your left foot, it's good luck!

    leon & sue, 44º is pretty darned hot. It's way over my comfort zone, which is in the low 30s.

    evol, don't worry, winter is coming!

    jean, hmmmm. Are you hungry?

    bill, I knew it had to have a name.

    starman, boy, wouldn't that be nice!


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