Saturday, January 09, 2010

West Arlington, Vermont

Back in November I visited a few small towns in Vermont, most notably Manchester. But in the nearby town of West Arlington, my friend Lorraine and I found this gem of a covered bridge.

Looking out of town through the covered bridge.

The town is nothing more than a few houses and farms in a beautiful little valley. The bridge is there, crossing the valley's stream from the main road to the town's church and community building.

The side view.

We stopped for a few minutes to walk over and around the bridge and take in the views of the fields on the valley floor and the woods covering the gentle mountains on either side. This was the first of two covered bridges we would see that day.

A rather stern warning painted on the bridge.


  1. WOW This is pretty cool!!

    Hmm... the warning is written in anglais.. Ahem.. was it meant for you, Walt?! hehehe... just kidding!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. This reminds me of that beautiful film: The bridges of Madison County. Did you see it?

  3. Martine, they've been playing The Bridges of Madison County quite a lot recently on cable here. I've run across it three or four times :)

    Walt, I love these photos. I love covered bridges! (In fact, I lived for a time on a street called Covered Bridge Road :))


  4. I love covered bridges. There is one here in South Florida somewhere, but I cannot remember where it's located even though I've been there.

  5. I know this bridge. I spent a great deal of time in the Manchester/Dorset area of Vermont with my family growing up. Great photos!

  6. As soon as I saw your pic I thought of the movie, The Bridges of Madison County also. Where is Madison County? Or are there a lot of covered bridges in the US? I have never seen one before.

  7. I was not aware these bridges still existed anywhere.

  8. leesa, well, it is Vermont, after all. ;)

    martine, yes, and covered bridges are not that uncommon in New England and the Midwest.

    judy, they are simplicity and purity in architecture.

    starman, that's interesting. I'll try to google it and see where it is.

    suzanne, there's also another one nearby that we saw. It's cool that you know it!

    sue, I think Madison County is in Iowa. There are a bunch of covered bridges in Indiana, too, near the Illinois border.

    michael, you need to get back to the Midwest in good weather and go exploring!

  9. Oh... hahaha!! I thought it was in France! Thanks for letting me know... I thought it was meant for ANGLOPHONES!!! hehehe Bon dimance!

  10. P.S. I just scrolled all the way up to the top pic and saw where it was.. haha! Guess I missed it as I browsed the pics... : ) Pays to read the captions, sometimes, huh?

  11. Why would you have a bus shelter over a bridge ?

  12. leesa, you must not have had your coffee when you read it!

    jean, one word: snow.


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