Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mis-aligned Rooftops

This is a view of some of the roof elements on the royal logis in Loches. I like the photo, but the reason I rejected it the first time through is that I really don't like the alignment of the three primary elements. I would have preferred to have the round tower on the bottom right a little more toward the center so it's not directly in front of the chimney.

Interesting rooftops in Loches.

Another problem with the original picture is that the spire on the turret to the left rises up too high; keeping it in the frame meant that there was too much blue sky and not enough roof to balance the image, at least to my liking. So I shortened the spire for this picture. Thanks, Photoshop!

I don't know why I didn't notice these things when I was taking the photo. It may not have been possible for me to move into the position I wanted because of buildings or trees in the way. I will have to go back to Loches and try again. I think I'll wait for better weather.


  1. Thank goodness for digital cameras - being able to take scores of pictures and rejecting lots of them to get the right ones.

    How did we all manage when we had to point, snap and wait for them to be printed at the chemists at huge expense?

    We have been sorting through our boxfuls of old photos and I am surprised and disapointed to find that in so many of them the subject matter is blurred, badly arranged and generally very poor compared with the ones we take now. They haven't actually kept too well either - the colours on the prints are definitely faded or have lost certain tones.

    Modern cameras have made us all much better at photography I think, although some, like you, Walt, stand out as having a far superior eye for a good photo !! I see what you mean about this picture but it's still a good one because the subject is fascinating. You're obviously a perfectionist !

  2. Are these roof tops from homes or from civic buildings?

    Love the texture on the turret to the right.

  3. You probably used a digital camera without through-the-lens viewing. I hate those because half the time I can't even see what I'm trying to photograph.

  4. jean, ain't it the truth! Digital frees you up from the constraints of film. You can scan your old photos and restore their faded colors in Photoshop; I've done some of mine.

    diogenes, they are from the Renaissance château in Loches.

    starman, I see what the camera sees on my little screen. I was definitely not in the right place.


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