Friday, January 22, 2010

Troo, Collégiale Saint-Martin

Further down the Loir River from Lavardin is the equally tiny town of Troo. It, too, sits high on a bluff overlooking the little river valley. These days the town is home to about three hundred Troiens. On our brief January visit, we climbed up and around the bluff taking in the sights below.

Details from the collégiale St.-Martin in Troo.

The church in town is a collégiale, like the church in St.-Aignan. It's built very close to the top of the bluff and it's very photogenic. I don't recall the church being open when we were there; I only have exterior shots.

If you're wondering, Troo is pronounced like trop. In English, it rhymes with go.


  1. Great photo. Pictures of rooftops and windows are so interesting.

  2. troo--like (French) zoo... the pronunciation, that is :) I wouldn't have thought to pronounce it that way, though. Are there other double-o words in French, pronounced like this, I wonder?

    Very nice photo:)


  3. Great pic. It looks more like a painting than a photograph.

  4. jean, glad you enjoy them!

    judy, I'm not sure. Some people spell Troo either Trôo or Troô, but the maps have it without accent.

    larry, thanks!

    suzanne, I wish we had been able to inside.


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