Saturday, May 01, 2010

Let Out The Choke

Here's a holdover from last year's garden. It's an artichoke that dried on the plant and over-wintered. Now it's opened up and is all fluffy. These artichokes were mostly failures. They produced artichokes, but they were small and tough. Not worth eating.

The black bits were exposed over winter and froze. You can see this year's leaves on the lower right.

Two of the four or five plants that I put in have come back again this spring. This will be their third year, and even though there's nothing edible on them, they still look kind of nice in the garden, so they'll probably stay until they die.


  1. ohoh
    that my dear is a TRIFFID
    and should not be touched.

  2. I like fat spears too (lol).
    I know artichokes grow well in Brittany. They need a lot of water and cooler weather. My word verification is "redig". Maybe you need to dig out and replant your artichokes.

  3. Well, at least, the flower is very nice.

  4. michael, oh good. I have not touched it.

    nadege, we saw a big field of them on the Ile d'Oléron in 2008.

    starman, it was nice last year, too, when it was deep blue!


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