Friday, April 30, 2010

Just A Dandy Lion

Nothing in particular to note today, other than that the promised thunderstorms failed to materialize last evening. We did have a rain shower, a very short one, at the precise moment that Callie and I were furthest from the house during our evening walk. Although the air was warm, those raindrops were cold! I'm happy to report that we both survived.

It looks like a little collection of feather dusters.

Our week without attic work is coming to a close. And we still haven't budged on the wallpaper. But what the heck. It's not urgent, and we had fine weather for gardening and working in the yard, which we did. I even changed the oil in the lawnmower.

I'm planning another market run on Saturday for fresh local asparagus and strawberries. I'm hoping the prices will fall even further now that we're in the height of the season. And the rhubarb out in the garden is looking ready to pick soon. I'm thinking strawberry-rhubarb pie...


  1. Wonderful photo of that dandy lion! Glad to hear you avoided those cold drops. We too in Connecticut, US have had a cold spring season; hail the other day and very blustery in general for weeks.

  2. Our rhubarb patch is doing well this year - really looking forward to rhubarb, strawberry, apple pie or crumble in a combination of any two !! Lovely.

  3. Ive never had rhubarb. I must try it one of these days.

  4. judy, doesn't that sound good!

    suzanne, very changeable weather this time of year!

    jean, me too!

    starman, it's very good, but you need a lot of sugar because it's very tart.

  5. my ancestors imported these things back in the 1600s as a food source.
    Now they are everywhere, nasty weeds
    the dandlions, not my relatives.


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