Thursday, April 22, 2010

Funky Feline Fotos

On Monday I was sitting out on the deck and I noticed our new cat Bertie across the street in our neighbors' yard. He looked like he was stalking something. Then I noticed what it was: one of the other neighborhood cats, a white one. The two kept their distance, but Bertie was definitely following the white cat. At one point they both sat down. So I went for the camera.

Bertie on the left, the white cat on the right. Getting to know each other from a distance.

Bertie is obliviously getting comfortable with his new surroundings. Shortly after I took the picture the cats moved on. The white one disappeared under a hedge into its own yard. Bertie came back toward the house.

And Bertie is "fixed," so we don't have to worry about him fathering any unwanted litters.

On Wednesday Bertie had a violent encounter of some sort. All we know is that he came home in mid-afternoon dazed and bleeding from the top of his head. A cat fight? Maybe with the white cat? Another animal? A rough tumble? We will never know. Ken cleaned up the wound and we're keeping him in for a day or so. He seems to be ok, so we'll watch him for a while.


  1. Poor Bertie, it was probably a fight with another cat over territory. The other possiblity is a swipe from a passing car. Cats are clever but they have no road sense.

  2. awww poor bertie .....i agree that it may be from a kitty tiff over land rights.....bertie is coming into someone else's area....usually it'll be more posturing & awful noises than actual fighting....hope he's ok

  3. Happy "Earth day" to you too.

  4. Did Bertie catch any moles yet in the yard? I remember your post from a while back concerning them.

  5. Love the title of this post.

  6. I just watched an episode of "Julia & Jacques", making poached chicken, chicken pot pie, and apple/apricot tarte. Oh la laaaaaaaaaaa !

  7. I used to have two cats, one white/one black. This picture sort of reminded me of them.

  8. My cat Scarlet has been doing this "getting to know you" thing with a neighborhood cat that climbs the fence, for a year now. They sit in our back yard and just look at each other for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, whatever.

    Scarlet only does this with one cat, and over time they've gotten closer. Perhaps it's a way they show affection?

    After all, Bertie is, well, Bertie-licious.

  9. jean, it doesn't look like it could have been a car, but one never knows.

    melinda, he's doing much better.

    nadege, thank you!

    suzanne, no moles that I know of. But they seem to have left the yard for now. I haven't seen a new hill in a while.

    starman, it will recur.

    judy, oh yes!

    michael, did they get along?

    diogenes, hehehehe.

  10. Sorry about Berties ouches, but I love the photo & the juxtaposition of the black cat & the white cat...

  11. I hope Bertie heals soon. Kitty hugs and kisses from Ollie Moto.

  12. apteryx, thanks! He's doing much better. :)


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