Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Money Shot

Here is the heart of the old medieval Château du Grand-Pressigny: le donjon (the keep). It would have been the most defensible part of the old fortress. Today only part of the shell stands, but it is impressively tall and you can imagine how imposing it must have been in its day.

What remains of the keep at Le Grand-Pressigny.

Meanwhile, back at the attic, the gable ends have been insulated and the new sub-floor is going down. Ken called the electrician and plumber in yesterday to consult with the construction guys about the exact placement of the wiring and radiators (and their associated plumbing). We're good to go now with the plumbing work scheduled for next Thursday.

It's looking more and more like a room up there.


  1. Oh! What a cheeky title to this post. You made me blush!

  2. Apparently a bit of the donjon fell down in 1988. We're keeping our fingers crossed that nothing else falls down, now that we live so close to it !!

  3. Man oh man, it looks like that top part could come down at any moment! Steer clear!

  4. evol, naughty boy!

    jean, I'm with you there!

    alewis, it's been standing for a while, and there aren't many earthquakes in these parts...


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