Thursday, April 08, 2010

Please Do Not Excite The Dogs

That's what the sign says on the kennel where the dogs at Cheverny are kept. The château is famous for it's hunting heritage and they currently breed hunting dogs. When you visit the château, you can watch the dogs get fed in the afternoon. It's quite the spectacle.

What's going on out there?

Work on the attic continues. The framing (metal rails) and insulation are starting to go up. I took a couple of pictures yesterday, but they don't show much. I'll try again this afternoon.


  1. I love those dogs... We met them the last time we were at Cheverny... Sooo many of them...

  2. I love the pic ! Yep, they seem to ask "Ne vois-tu rien venir, ma Soeur Anne ?" (Barbe-Bleue) Bises :-) Marie

  3. That was a joke about watching the dogs eat, right?

  4. leesa, they are cool, and numerous!

    marie, merci de tous tes commentaires! They are actually looking at a helicopter that had just landed on the lawn nearby.

    starman, no joke! They're fed every afternoon and a crowd gathers to watch.

  5. I have watched them feed on the tour of the Chateau! They are beautiful, but I wish they weren't living in a concrete-floored pen.

  6. I should get a little version of that sign made up when I move to Gers.

    For now my Sydney house just has "Chien Gentil, Maitre Lunatique"...

  7. diogenes, they do have a big grassy yard to run around in.

    mike, great sign!


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