Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools?

That would be us. The weather is playing us for fools. For a week we had lovely springtime weather, then it turned and is windy and cold again. At least we had enough light and warmth for this to happen:

Some hyacinth bulbs that I dug up and put into containers (temporarily) have bloomed.

But this morning's low was 2.5ºC. Yikes! I suppose that all is not lost. And Ken gets home tomorrow!


  1. Bloody cold I can say so give Ken our warm regards when he gets home and send a pic of him in HIS new T-shirt.

  2. Walt

    I am going to make you jealous : 10C yesterday, 15C today , 23 and 24 C good Friday and on Saturday and good weather to roam around the yard to look for eggs on Sunday :-)
    Just hope the weatherman is right

  3. Nice flowers. I have whatever the opposite of green thumb might be.

  4. leon & sue, will do.

    beaver, it worked! Enjoy!

    starman, a brown thumb?

    judy, thanks.

    evol, and there are more!


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