Sunday, April 04, 2010

Breaking With Tradition

It's Easter. Normally Ken and I cook and eat a rabbit on Easter Sunday. No chocolate bunnies for us, just a good lapin en gibelotte (rabbit fricassee). But not this year. I just didn't feel like it for some reason.

One of the first trees in our yard to bloom every year has done it again.

I suggested that we get some boudin noir (blood sausages) and have them with french fries. But Ken brought back a tub of North Carolina style pork barbecue, so we're having that with fries today. Yum!

We still need to get up into the attic and clean, but it's been so windy and cold, and the cold wind blows through that attic like you wouldn't believe (that will stop once the attic is insulated). So we're putting it off until Monday, when the weather is predicted to be better. In the meantime, we're moving furniture and plants in the stairwell and tending to other details.

If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done.


  1. Yep, the last minute works well usually. Once our movers came a day early and spoiled that theory that we share with you.

    I'm glad you spared the bunny this year, the bbq will be a nice change up.

    Happy Easter.

  2. "Procrastination is the spontaneous reorganization of my priorities." --Unknown

  3. Beautiful tree. Is it a cherry?

    I am a less adventurous eater than you two. I'll take the BBQ over the boudin or the pauvre, petit lapin any day.

  4. Oh, I should have read your post first... I commented on Ken's blog that I wondered if you might forgo the big traditional meal this year, considering the jet lag and renovation issues to be considered :))

    As for procrastination: I always tell myself that I'll do a much better job if I'm emotionally and physically READY (which, of course, is not always the case several days in advance :))) Courage!


  5. I never heard of anyone eating rabbit on Easter, other than chocolate ones!

  6. "a tub of North Carolina style pork barbecue"? How did he get it through customs?

  7. I have not had un bon ragoût de lapin aux herbes (avec du vin rouge) depuis bien longtemps. Your tree is outstanding – so very pretty.

  8. evelyn, it was good.

    chrissoup, I was going to research who said that. Yes I was.

    diogenes, I'm not sure what kind of tree it is. It doesn't bear fruit.

    judy, we'll get there.

    michael, it's been a tradition of our for more than 20 years.

    starman, just packed it in his luggage.

    vagabonde, sounds good, n'est-ce pas?

  9. Beautiful... I put up some pics of the white cherry blossoms in the park yesterday...
    I think by the time we come to visit .. the weather will be nice... : ) Can't wait to see you guy in a few weeks from now...

  10. Coucou Evelyn and Walt :-)

    Most French people have "du mouton", or rather "de l'agneau")lamb at Easter... What kind of food do you traditionally have at Easter/à Pâques in the States ?

    At the Pentecôte, we have "du rôti de veau" (veal roast), what about you ? Bises ! Marie


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