Saturday, April 03, 2010

I'm Not A Lineman For The County

These power lines span fields and vineyards between Villentrois and Châteauvieux, about ten or fifteen miles from where we live.

Power transmission lines march through the countryside.

In addition to recovering from his travels and overcoming jet lag, Ken's got a big weekend of work ahead. We need to get up into the attic and remove some junk, chuck out all the old cardboard that's lining the floors, and otherwise prepare it for the work that starts on Tuesday. We also need to move two buffets that are on the landing where the new stair will go.

No main roads to drive here.

I think the first thing the contractor is going to start with on Tuesday is cutting the hole for the new stairway. Then they'll get started on the insulation and framing for the drywall.

Thankfully, Easter Monday is a holiday in France, so we have three days to get ready.


  1. Dust will be your constant roomates for a while, but will leave behind a great new space!

    As they say, Bon Courage!

    Really enjoyed the history of the US coast from Ken's blog too!

  2. You are about to embark on a very testing period of your lives. Living with dust, noise at an early hour, workers in and out, can't find anything because it's packed away....

    Can you move everything you need into the back yard and live in a tent while the work goes on?

    It'll be worth it, though. I'll throw in a "Bon courage," along with Tim's.

  3. Exciting times for you guys. I feel sorry for Ken having to jump into all that work instantly.

  4. It will definitively be exciting!
    First they cut the hole for the staircase then they don't show up for 3 weeks. They'll come for 1 day, cause more havoc then will disappear again... I am kidding of course, but really, this happened to me, in the US, more than once. GOOD LUCK, I hope for you I am 100 % wrong.

  5. I am surprised Easter Monday is a holiday - I thought France was well, rather secular nowadays, and wasn't doing much Catholic rituals.
    I continue to learn so much from your blog.

  6. Votre arbre est très beau !/Your tree is very beautiful !

    Eventually, in addition to our "Lundi de Pâques", we have also kept our "Lundi de Pentecôte" free in spite of the efforts of the government which tried to have us work on that day off... French people are still attached to their "days off" even if not many of us still practise our catholic religion :-) Bises ! Marie


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