Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Le Barbecue Électrique

I like to grill food outdoors. When I lived in San Francisco, I had a standard gas grill that worked very nicely. When we went camping, I took a little Smokey Joe and used charcoal briquettes to make the fire. Now, in France, while I still have the Smokey Joe, I haven't got the hang of using charbon de bois (wood charcoal). It either burns too hot and fast, or too cool to cook.

Our little electric barbecue grill.

We have a big concrete barbecue in the back yard that works great when I build wood fires in it using old grape vine trunks. But that's a lot of trouble if we just want to grill a steak or a few sausages. The solution to this grilling dilemma came one summer day when we were invited across the road for lunch.

Our neighbor, Bernard, grilled sausages on a little electric grill. I had never seen one of these before. Ken and I thought it would be perfect for our terrace as there would be no smokey fire to damage the wood ceiling out there. So he found this inexpensive model on the internet and ordered it. We've used it twice so far with great results.

I know we're going to be using it a lot this coming summer. We'll still do wood fires out back on those occasions when we want a proper barbecue. But this electric grill will be great for the little stuff.


  1. What a great idea! I will make sure Nick reads this post.
    He hankers after a concrete monstrosity but hasn't yet seen one he likes. So in the meantime we manage with a smokey joe and enjoy the unpredictability and excitement of it !

  2. Way cool! Or should I say way hot?

  3. I've never seen one of these. And it has a cord so you can plug it in. How great is that?

  4. Grilled sausages sound so good right now! Yum!

  5. Grilled chicken wings, cooked on the barbecue électrique, were lunch today. Delicious, marinated in onion, garlic, white wine, and thyme.

  6. Yumm yumm! How is the cleanup on this thing? does the cooking unit come off? Pretty cool little thing!


  7. I, too, had no idea there was such a thing.

  8. What a great looking, and very handy, grill!


  9. in Arizona grilling is the law.

  10. jean, cool. We like our concrete monstrosity, but the smaller grill has already proved itself useful.

    cheryl, well, way hot may be an exaggeration! Hot enough...

    digoenes, yes, a cord for plugging in is a very helpful feature in an electric grill. :)

    writer, don't they!

    judy, cleanup is not bad. The whole thing disassembles, and there's a removable grease pan.

    starman, cool, eh?

    bettyann, we think it will be very handy.

    michael, is the reality of living there as crazy as it looks from the outside? AZ seems to be giving Utah and Texas a run for the crazy title these days.

  11. Come on now electric barbeque??? WHAT IS THE POINT? Where's your caveman instinct?

    OK if you're some underpriveldged towny, who want's the feel of the outdoors in the comfort of a 23rd floor appartment....but really, you Americans....

    The secret with charcoal is to use twice as much as you think you need. Build a big fire, stand well back and be proud - thats the whole point of a BBQ.

    Red Adair

  12. nick, oh, I've tried, believe me. I can do wonders with American charcoal, and I do build real wood fires in the big bbq, but the real charbon de bois stuff has me baffled. Even when I use way too much, by the time it's ready for cooking it just goes out.


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