Sunday, April 25, 2010

Double Corked

On Saturday, Ken and I went to one of our local wineries with friends from Paris, Leesa and Alex. We had a great time tasting and laughing and buying wine. As we were paying for our purchases and saying good-bye to the winemakers, Chantal (Mrs. Winemaker) handed us a bonus bottle of sauvignon.

Double your pleasure (but with less wine).

The bottle had been double corked. Chantal said she wasn't quick enough with the corking machine. I guess it happens from time to time. We brought it home and drank it up. The first cork came out normally. The second cork got pushed inside the bottle.


  1. Hi Walt and Ken!

    We had SUCH a great time yesterday... and for us 24 bottles of good wine from Mr. Guerrier! He's such a warrior! Nice man... and his wife is very funny!
    I'm glad you took a pic of this as as don't remember if my pic is as clear.. Yours looks great...
    Great day with guys and hope to see you again soon! Thanks for your hospitality!

  2. Hi Walt and Ken.. How great that you got to see Leesa and Alex again :-) I think it is wonderful to meet up and have these great afternoons together.

    Now that certainly was a bonus, first time I have seen that..I am sure that you are great customers, they look after you :-)

  3. Oh, how funny - I've never seen a double-corked bottle before!

  4. I assume wild asparagus at 0€/metric ton!

    Verification word is spomov, that's double-corked in Ukrainian.

  5. That must be something you can only get from the winery. I've never seen one.

  6. leesa, thanks! We had a great time, too. :)

    anne, most time when we buy from them, they throw in a little something extra.

    ksam, me neither! Maybe I should have saved it? ....nah.

    chm, yes, the "escapees" are free! But they don't last long.

    bob, yes. Of course they can't sell something like that, so it's a bit of a novelty.


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