Friday, April 16, 2010

Access Denied

It's not just your computer that tells you stuff like that. Here's a sign at the Château du Grand-Pressigny that pretty much says the same thing. You can't come in here. Keep out.

This must lead to some administrative offices or some other non-public space.

But how serious can they be with this wimpy little chain that any toddler can climb over? I think, as with many French rules, it is simply a suggestion...


  1. It's difficult to see in the picture just how low the chain might be, but since you say "any toddler can climb over" it, it can't be very high. Obviously, they expect people to read the sign and obey.

  2. I don't know if the dwellings the notice is supposed to protect are currently in use but at least it might stop too many people from peering in through the windows.

    We are really enjoying your photo tour of the chateau. It's nice to see it as if through the eyes of someone else.

  3. it seems to speak to the notion Frenchpeople behave and do what they are told. It is rather comforting.

  4. starman, it's pretty low. I think you're right.

    jean, glad you're enjoying them!

    michael, in France, rules are made to be ignored. :)


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