Friday, April 02, 2010

Blue Hangar In Villentrois

I thought this was an unusual color for a utility building. It's somebody's garage in the small village of Villentrois, a few steps from the main intersection. It's not quite blue, but it's not quite green. I have a hard time distinguishing the various shades between those two.

A storage hangar or garage with a nice paint job.

The French word hangar is the same as in English. This is less of a hangar than it is a garage, but since it's large enough to hold more than just a vehicle, I think it would be called un hangar.

This morning I'm off to fetch Ken from the train station. He should have arrived in Paris by the time this posts earlier this morning. Then he'll grab a TGV from the airport and be here in no time.


  1. Not quite turquoise, it isn't grayed down enough to be sage green, and I refuse to get into names like sea foam, much as I had to deal with such color names in my design career. I think jade green might cover it, keeping in mind that there are many different tones of jade.

    Glad you have Ken back!

  2. To my color-blind eyes on my monitor, it's blue.

  3. will, me too! I missed all the bitching.

    judy, thanks!

    starman, sounds good to me.

  4. Hmm, I'd say it looks like "bleu cyan/cyan blue ;-), something between "light sea green" and "dark cyan" :

    A colleague of mine used that term for the colour of the background of a cover of the "Time" magazine which our students were supposed to describe (the one with a Toyota twisted key... Not an easy document to describe... :-) This issue mainly dealt with Toyota safety problems, recalls, etc. Marie


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