Thursday, April 15, 2010

And Here's The View

Before we pass through the archway I showed you a couple posts back, here's the view from the first courtyard at the town of Le Grand-Pressigny in the valley of the Claise.

Le Grand-Pressigny, seen from the château's courtyard.

In the interest of being discreet, I will not point out our friends' house, but it's in there somewhere.

Today I'm going to go up into the attic with the contractors to "remind" them of a couple of things that we had decided together last week. They didn't "remember" two things we talked about and did what we did not want done. Ken and I have decided that those two things are ok after all and it's not worth making the guys "undo" them. But I want to be sure they remember the other two things and do them the way we want them done.


  1. There's so much character about the locations where you live.

    I'm deeply envious. Sydney is so mundanely late 20th Century New World by comparison.

  2. In the course of our (many) renovations I never cease to be amazed by the selective memory of our various contractors. You're wise to remind them, and if you're really not happy with something they've done wrong it's worth the effort and cost to have them redo it.

    You'll be living with this space for a very long time and you don't want your eye caught by a blooper every time you enter the room. Thus says the lady with the stunningly gorgeous shower that doesn't drain quite right.


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  4. I love the rooftop in the front center. It looks like someone laid an open binder on top of the building.

  5. A lovely view, and it seems so "france".

  6. victor, the grass is always greener... ;)

    nadege, very!

    susan, so true. Although these are not really blunders or mistakes, they're just details that really don't make much difference.

    starman, I like that!

    michael, yes, very much so!

  7. When we were building the house, we found it best to be on site at least twice a day -- early morning to find out the agenda for the day and answer questions, then late afternoon as the sub-contractors were finishing up to check the work and make sure there were no mistakes. We caught a lot of those.

    I SO love French roofscapes!

  8. will, I go up and check the work out twice a day as well. Makes me feel like I have some control. ;)


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