Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Late April

Our spring is late this year. But it is finally here. The trees are leafing out; the grape vines are as well. The bulbs are just about done as are the flowering trees. I've started separating my seedlings which are growing in the cold frame. Tomatoes and marigolds are growing fastest so far. Soon I'll be working on the eggplants and hot peppers.

Our hamlet among the vines in the Cher Valley. That's our house on the left.

This week we need to put some chard and collard and radish seeds out into the garden. Now that the plots are tilled up, we can get that done. And Ken found some small plum trees that sprouted from pits out by the vineyard where there are good plum trees, so he potted one up. We're planning to put it into the yard next fall along with an apricot he grew from its pit. They will replace the trees that blew down in February's storm.

The dentist adventure was fine. She was very nice, but quite fast and furious with the cleaning tools. That compared to my former dentist who was extremely deliberate and very gentle. The result is the same, however, and since I saw no blood and came out with all my teeth intact, I'll likely go back.


  1. I might be wrong but I thought that trees grown from pits had to be grafted to bear fruit?
    You guys must feel so "alive" with spring in full swing. That winter was so long and cold I really felt for everybody East of the Rockies and the Atlantic.

  2. When I lived in Burbank, I had a black mission fig tree and thank to the birds, squirrels, opossums... fig trees started sprouting all over the garden and did bear fruit so yes I must be wrong.

  3. "No blood" is a good thing.

  4. It always feels good to escape from the dentist's chair.

  5. Does today's photo show your new velux window, or is that your former glass tile window?

    I love the purples and pinks of a French springtime!

  6. nadege, some trees do. I'm not sure how it works.

    chris, yup.

    starman, alive.

    evelyn, that's one of two new windows. The glass tiles were very small, the same size as one of the roof tiles.


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