Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Through The Mirror Of My Mind

This was an attempt at an artsy-fartsy photo. I shouldn't try so hard. But I still like it. It's the donjon at Le Grand-Pressigny reflected in a window of the château's new museum wing.

Not quite the effect I was after, but it's close enough.

The attic work is progressing wonderfully. The electricians came back on Tuesday and started the final wiring. They're also the plumbers and put in some of the preliminaries for the radiators. It's all starting to look like a finished space, even though it's far from it.

Dry wall is going in, electrical outlets are showing up. It's going to be really cool.


  1. That's a great photo !

    That's a superb new space !

  2. I do like the first photo. It really looks like a framed picture of the donjon [keep for the French language challenged readers, LOL].

    Keep posting that kind of pictures.

    Verification word is eabingsh. What could that mean in Icelandic?

  3. That photo is very artistic.
    The attic looks wonderful.

  4. Mirrors are some of the coolest things ever. And, say now, new attic work is going to be very exciting!

  5. I'd be more willing to remodel if we had workers that got right to it like yours have. Wow!

  6. It's really beginning to look like a livable space.

  7. It's looking fantastic Walt. It's wonderful when after the mess of building/renovating you start to get an idea of the livable space you had visualised.
    We've been back in Australia for a week now, just got out in the nick of time. Imagine being stranded in dreadful. Glad to hear your spring has finally arrived. Our autumn weather has been pleasant also. 28 here today.I still like it a bit cooler though.

  8. I like photos with reflections and never hesitate to use them. Don't worry about being artsy-fartsy. I actually prefer it to the attic photo :)

    Did I ever tell you I once taught an English class to the staff at that château? I had to drive there for the class -- quite the atmosphere!

  9. jean, thanks!

    chm, I wonder if the architects thought of the reflection when they designed the window...

    nadege, thanks. We're very excited about the attic.

    alewis, you can really have fun with a camera and buildings with mirrored glass.

    chris, we've been very lucky so far!

    starman, and the attic windows are being installed as I type this.

    sue, do you know the expression, "Please don't throw me in the briar patch?" It might apply to being stranded in Paris.

    betty, it is beautiful countryside around there!


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