Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Hint At The View

Also inside the first courtyard at le Château du Grand-Pressigny is an impressive row of trimmed shrubs that line the wall where you can look over the town below. I always like these extremely manicured spaces. But I know very well that their simplicity is deceiving; it takes a lot of work to make a simple bit of grass and shrubbery look like this.

This view is across the Claise valley. What you can't see here is the town down below.

Meanwhile, the attic work is progressing. The drywall is going up slowly but surely. Now the workmen are away for a day or two on another job. We've sorted out the flooring issue -- we've decided on wide solid-pine floorboards rather than the synthetic oak-like laminate. I think we'll be happier with real wood.


  1. Oh, that's great news about the real wood floors! I've seen some nice-looking wide-plank heart of pine flooring that I am tempted by for the bedroom of our new place (though we STILLLLLLL don't have news on actually closing on it, yet).

    Had you already ordered the flooring? I know that around here, anyway, it takes several weeks to get it delivered.



  2. I am impressed with the fast progress on the attic. Make sure the drywall doesn't come from China.

  3. Love the photo. They are like a row of green brioches.

  4. You won't regret your choice of flooring !!

    Fabulous photo (again).

  5. It doesn't look like winter in this picture. We have laminated wood floors in our apartment and we don't regret having done it for even a second. They're beautiful and almost non-destructive.

  6. We have laminate wood floors in our master bedroom... they can really take the dogs' toenails, unlike real wood. I'm sure the pine will be beautiful.

    I love the topiary shrubs... like little lines of perfect nipples.

  7. Good choice on the flooring. However, it looks from the comments as if your faithful readers are generally happy with the type of flooring they have chosen. It augers well for you being happy too. We have hardwood throughout our house (even the kitchen) and are quite happy with it for all the reasons we chose it to begin with .


  8. judy, the contractor is ordering it.

    nadege, I don't know if it does or not. Why?

    diogenes, oh how French! Everything looks like food!

    jean, good!

    starman, well, technically it's spring. :)

    stephen, we were looking at bottom of the line laminate which probably wouldn't have been a good choice. So for the price of mid-range laminate, we can get the pine.

    susan, we had hardwood in SF and really liked it. Kitchen, too.

    michael, do you believe in spooks?


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