Monday, April 26, 2010

A New Dentist

When I called my dentist a couple weeks ago to make my semi-annual appointment for a cleaning, the receptionist told me that he retired. "Il a cessé ses activités et a pris sa retraite." The receptionist was still there because she works for my now former dentist's wife, who does children's teeth. It's funny that there was no mailing to regular customers informing them of his retirement. Oh well.

Some vines just beginning to leaf out in the vineyard.

So I went into town where I knew there was another dentist's office (right off the main square in St.-Aignan) and walked in and asked for an appointment. The receptionist set me up and my appointment is today. I'm a bit nervous about a having to go to someone new; I've only changed dentists once in the last twenty years and that was when I moved to France.

So, we'll see how it goes.


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  2. How neat and orderly the vines look. Great photo.

    (previous comment deleted because it didn't make sense!)

  3. It's really difficult finding the right dentist!

  4. I'm sure that this change in dentist will initially be just a teething situation.

  5. I hope you like your new dentist. I am very picky about dentists since I ate too much candy as a child and have had lots of drilling, fillings, root canals, etc. Plus, I hate pain! I do want to keep my teeth, so I do floss and visit my dentist regularly.

    Enjoy your good weather. Ours is cool which means we haven't had to turn on our air conditioner yet, yay!

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  7. I hate going to the dentist as a result of a very unpleasant experience when I was just a kid.

  8. wow
    I seem to change dentists every year, whenever the insurance changes. My present one is always trying to sell me things I supposedly need. I like to respond like Igor 'what hump?" when he tells me my teeth are whatever.

  9. jean, there are all kinds of patterns in the vineyard if you look for them.

    evol, amen!

    leon, hehehehe.

    evelyn, she said I had healthy teeth, obviously well brushed, and she just loved my 2 gold crowns.

    starman, that's too bad. I actually like going to the dentist. But I've never had any serious problems.

    michael, a plus for the single payer plan. No insurance changes.


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