Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The castle's gate house

Among the interesting buildings that I pass on my way to the Saturday morning market is the castle's old gate house. It's a nice little building that was in serious disrepair when we first moved here seven years ago.

The gate house and gate outside the Château de Saint-Aignan.

The gate house has since been renovated and is now rented out as a holiday home. I've seen the interior thanks to some friends who stayed there once. It's very nice, and it's a quick walk into town, even though the house feels like it's secluded inside a park. Except for that château you can see from the bedroom window...


  1. Wow, and quite reasonable according to the website.

  2. Stone homes are so beautiful.

  3. I love stone buildings, too. For a moment, when I opened your page today and saw the building out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was a frame house... so, I thought maybe you were posting more photos of upper NY or somewhere else in New England :))


  4. Your photo of the gate house is better than the web page. That open gate is inviting. The renovation is well done and I love the way the rooms look.

  5. I agree with Judy. I thought at first it was a photo from "l'Amerique".

  6. I'd be more than happy to live there and guard the gate. I've already got the uniform. And sunglasses.

  7. rick, travel plans in your future?

    cubby, yes.

    judy, not this time!

    evelyn, it's a nice place. Not too spacious, but nice.

    nadege, nope!

    alewis, applications are now being accepted. ;)


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