Monday, August 02, 2010

On my way to market

Last spring the Saturday morning market in Saint-Aignan was temporarily moved up into the upper place (Place du 14 Julliet) in town because the lower place (Place de la Paix) is being renovated. The work was supposed to be done before the summer season but, like many construction projects, it's taken longer than expected.

Looking back through the arch toward the river. The castle is to the right.

Since parking is a little tricky next to the temporary market (the town is also expanding one of its parking lots and it's closed during the construction as well), I park the car down along the river when I go on Saturday mornings. Then I walk up through the château grounds to get to the market. On my way, I pass through the arch you see above.

The arch supports a little bridge that carriages once used, and now cars use, to enter the castle's courtyard. The walk to market up the hill below the castle and along its chestnut tree-lined drive is very pleasant on sunny mornings. It beats the heck out of the supermarket parking lot.

This past Saturday, all the vendors at the market displayed signs saying that they'll be moving back into the renovated Place de la Paix on August 14. It'll be interesting to see how that goes.


  1. What an interesting life you lead.

  2. Sure is different than going to the local Schnucks parking lot here :))

    (How's that for a name of a grocery store chain?!)


  3. Did you buy lemons at the market to make David Lebovitz's zucchini cake with lemon icing?

  4. I really enjoy all the photos you post of St Aignan. I have many of the same shots from my visit but, of course, yours are much better!

    I was away for a day and a half. What's happening with the mystery car?


  5. That looks like a really nice way to go to market. The arch doesn't look as old as the walls. We leave tomorrow for three months in Europe. First to Germany, then to Spain and, finally, to Paris.

  6. rick, indeed.

    judy, you eat food from a place called Schnucks?

    nadege, no, but it sounds good.

    bettyann, we think that the car, which is still coming each morning, is delivering a newspaper to one of our neighbors.

    starman, bon voyage!


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