Saturday, August 28, 2010

Morning dew

On my morning walks with Callie the two of us often get our feet wet. And dirty. Sometimes it's the result of overnight rain. Often it's dew condensing on the grasses and plants at sunrise that soaks our feet. And wet paws pick up all manner of loose dirt.

Tiny dew droplets cover the petals of these wild flowers in the vineyard.

That's why, on most mornings, Callie gets what I call "the undercarriage wash." She goes into the shower in our utility room for a rinse-off. Then I dry her with a towel. This happens twice a day in rainy weather and most of the winter. How many dogs do you know who get a daily spa treatment?

We're nearing the end of our painting job, at least for the new attic space. There is still the big job of the stairwell and hallway on the main floor where we're removing decades-old wallpaper. That job will wait for a while. At least until we're moved in upstairs and we get the garage and utility room cleaned up and organized. And we've rested our weary backs.


  1. Your utility room's shower is a good thing!

    Our granddog Rosie has a low tolerance for heat and we spray her down often in the summer so that she can walk in the heat of
    Alabama summertime.

    Rosie also likes to romp in the mud, so we like you, spend some time every day it seems, toweling the dog. Worth it though for seeing a happy dog running without a leash. Gives us joy.

  2. The picture today is just beautiful. Also liked the sunflower picture from yesterday...

  3. It really is handy for you to have that utility room shower :)) Callie must be a patient pooch to accept all of this sudsing and rinsing :)

    Great news on the healing!

  4. Lovely photo! I'm glad to hear you are nearing completion of the attic! You must be very happy about that!

  5. evelyn, it used to be our shower until we got one put into the bathroom!

    diogenes, thanks!

    judy, more rinsing than sudsing!

    kristi, very!

  6. Wallpaper: Hire a steamer, and give the steam plenty of time to soak through. Even it turns the place into a sauna, it will save no end of frustration in the eventual scraping. But time enough for that when you've given yourselves a break!

  7. autolycus, thanks for the tip. We're lucky that most of our wallpaper is so old it peels off after a soak from a spray bottle. And a rest will certainly be in order in between jobs!


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