Friday, August 13, 2010

Well that's just corny

Some of our sweet corn is getting ready for picking. These ears are on the early variety of corn that I planted; there are also two other varieties that have just put up their tassels. I know mid-August is not early for corn, but everything seems to be late in the garden this year.

It won't be long now...

The tomatoes are looking real good, but they're still green. One has decided to start turning, so I'm hopeful that the others aren't far behind. We have eggplants forming as well, and the cayenne peppers look great, but still green.

Squash production is going full steam, of course. Who wants some?


  1. I think our corn is just starting.

  2. Although things are late, you seem to have had plenty of produce this year.

  3. My grandma always said late corn is the best corn.

  4. That's funny, I was just now thinking about a recipe I found for a roasted corn and blueberry cold salad.

  5. I love sweet corn. But, once again, city boy that I am, I find myself surprised by your pictures. I did not know that ears of corn grew low on the stalk - I thought they only grew on top.

  6. vtt, :)

    rick, wow. Is it late or normal?

    jean, so far so good.

    carolyn, I hope she was right!

    alewis, that sounds good.

    diogenes, yup. They're stalkers!


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