Monday, August 23, 2010

Duct tape holds the universe together

I'm a convert. I love duct tape. We needed a way to get paint into the corners that were unreachable over the stairwell. There was no way to reach these parts of the wall with a ladder or the scaffolding. We had to find a way.

A broomstick, a paintbrush, and some duct tape. Et, voilà!

And we did. With a broom handle and some duct tape. Worked like a charm!


  1. My father used to fix everything with duct tape ... from broom sticks to wallclocks. Mind you, in those days the tape only came in black, which added an extra 'not-so-artistic-dimension' to certain objects :))

  2. My first car was partly held together with duct tape :)

    How do we say duct tape en français?


  3. I've always said that I think I could build a house with duct tape and a glue gun!

  4. martine, I've never seen black duct tape! Only the gray.

    starman, I'm like that. ;)

    judy, I think it's called le duct tape. Wikipedia says it's a type of ruban adhésif.

    cubby, right! He's mentioned in the French Wikipedia article about duct tape. MacGyver was a big hit in France.

    lynn, you probably could! :)

    kristi, yup!


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