Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting back to it, slowly

Since my back injury, I've been kind of taking it easy. I did paint one day, but only baseboards and corners and one small low wall. No reaching or tilting my head up. And I wore the neck brace the whole time to keep from aggravating anything. But that was only one day.

A planter filled with summer flowers next to the church in Saint-Aignan.

And Ken hasn't been inspired to do much, either, although he made some more progress on Monday with one of the end walls. The paintbrush on a stick helped him to get a lot of the corners done high up without needing to climb on the scaffolding.

But we really need to continue. We're not that far from done and it will be so nice to finally put the paint cans away and move some furniture. There is another low wall I can roll today. Then I can get started on the closet doors. I can prime and paint those using sawhorses. No reaching or climbing. And Ken can continue on the ceiling, being careful not to push it.

I also need to head out to the pharmacy and the post office first thing this morning. While I'm out I'm going to stop by the doctor's office and make my follow-up appointment. Then it's back home to hit the paint cans!


  1. Walt - not to steal your thunder or draw sympathy from your readers, my back is slowly improving but unlike your's mine is lower back effecting the left leg. I have enjoyed your blogging back - that sounds a little macabe doesn't it.
    Get well quick mate.

  2. leon, not to worry. Hope you heal up soon, too!

    judy, a super trouper!


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