Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning clouds

Recent mornings have been chilly, or what feels chilly compared to the warm sunny afternoons. The temperatures in the mornings have been in the upper teens celcius (sixties fahrenheit), while they get up into the mid to upper twenties (low eighties fahrenheit) later on. This often means that we have some cloudiness early in the morning that clears out as the day warms up.

Light cloud cover over the vineyards at sunrise.

Today is another priming day in the attic. Ken and I are both taping and painting, so we should be making better progress. Until the primer runs out. Later this week we'll probably make a run to the hardware store for another batch and also to look at actual paint options again.

The squash plants are in full production, challenging us to say the least. Yesterday I roasted three large zucchini and put the pulp into the freezer. It will be good for dips or soups later on. Today I'm planning to grate a few smaller zukes to make boulettes de courgettes (zucchini balls). I've done this before and we like them.


  1. Guten tag von Frankfurt. It poured this morning around 06h00. But now the sun is out and the weather is beautiful.

  2. We have spent nearly our entire summer with morning clouds and afternoon clearing. 24 days of morning clouds since July 1.

  3. It's been similar weather here in New England.

    I'm curious, and speaking out of ignorance, what are your winters like? Do you get snow?

  4. starman, enjoy! I've been reading your adventures.

    alewis, San Francisco was the same way.

    vtt, yes!

    rick, yes, we get snow, but not very much. We don't get the arctic frigid cold that the NE US gets during winters.


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