Monday, August 16, 2010

Zéro tracas, zéro blabla

That's the jingle for this insurance company. And this is their office in Saint-Aignan. I believe they are headquartered in Le Mans, since MMA stands for les Mutuelles du Mans Assurances. That's where the company started according to their web site.

Our local MMA office in St.-Aignan.

But they sell insurance all over France. Automobile, homeowner's, health, life. You name it. As far as health insurance goes, they sell policies that complement the national health service. That is, the policy pays the co-payment for you. I think that you can also buy policies that allow you to upgrade the health care you get. For example, a policy might pay for a private room in a hospital as opposed to a double room, or pay for expensive eyeglasses or dental work that might not be covered by the national health service.

Here's one of their commercials where you can hear the jingle at the end if you want to. These three guys are in most of MMA's television commercials. Always corny, but no talking geckos.


  1. Insurance to compliment national health coverage...perhaps we should take a lesson.

  2. I love the gecko! Did you get
    some good pics on Saturday a.m.
    at the market?

  3. sheila, tune in tomorrow...

  4. 50 degrees is chilly! It's in the 70s here, but the wind is blowing in a fall-like way. Kids are back in school, the times they are a changing.

  5. National Health Service? What is that? I don't understand.

  6. rick, that would be nice.

    evelyn, true.

    stephen, what a concept, right?

  7. Did I hear the English words 'super cool' spoken amongst all that French?

    Surely not!


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