Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's better than it is, wasn't it?

My back is much better these days. There are still some minor twinges now and then, just to remind me, but they are fewer and farther between than a week ago. I even skipped my anti-inflammatory drug on Sunday so that I could be awake at a garden party with no ill effects. I'm still being careful about moving my neck and head and I'm still wearing the neck brace most of the time, and especially to bed at night.

Part of the vineyard on a hazy August morning.

We're really getting close to finishing the painting. Ken's done a great job having taken over the painting of the large sloping ceiling and higher walls. I've been working on priming the closet doors which doesn't involve much moving around. They're primed now, so I'll fill in some holes with putty and wait for that to dry before putting the paint coat on. I've also been fiddling with hardware and have started the process of removing the painting tape from the floor.

We are anxious to be done. The next step after painting will be the clean up. The floor needs a good going over to remove the inevitable drops of paint (we used drop cloths, but you can't cover everything) and leftover dust and dirt. Ken wants to give the steps another coat of varnish.

Then we'll start moving the furniture up. There's a lot of moving to do because we are essentially re-arranging the entire house. But there's nothing really big or heavy to deal with and we'll be able to manage it pretty easily. Then the rest of the house needs a thorough cleaning as we put it all back together. We skipped spring cleaning this year because of the construction work, so now it's time to pay the piper.

After all that, there's the garage and utility room to put back in order. They've served as our storage and staging areas for construction and painting. It'll be nice to clear out and clean up before the weather turns cold. We'll also have the plumber back to hang the radiators in the new space sometime during all of this.


  1. Thanks for all the great posts & beautiful pgotos this summer. You inspire me.
    I imagine that your brace is a very smart accessory.

  2. I'm so glad your neck is recovering so quickly. I feared you'd be put out for months.

  3. You inspire me to get my unfinished and "not so desirable" twice a year chores done. And here you are accomplishing things with your neck in a brace at night. No excuses for me! Thanks a lot! (I think... LOL)

    So glad you are on the mend. Be careful moving that stuff upstairs. ;)

  4. So glad your neck and back are better and that you are so close to arriving at the more fun part of renovations.

  5. Walt

    Hope my "hot" weather comes your way. It was 32C yesterday and today we are expecting 34C and by the time we have to start dinner @ 5PM, it will be 38C with the humidity. Same thing tomorrow - so no cooking- just take out or sandwich.

    I am pretty sure . in a jiffy, we will see the pics of the furnished new bedroom on your blog. Bon courage and in the winter months you will be planning another project for next year.

  6. Careful with that back, there. You ruin that, nothing else will matter -- painting or otherwise. My back hurts daily. Every single day. Without exception. It's a pain in the ass but it gets me out of painting and other house projects!

  7. stephen, you must have a very good imagination for that...

    cubby, thanks, me too!

    suzanne, :)

    kristi, thanks. Moving furniture and cleaning are especially fun compared to varnishing and painting.

    beaver, I think we're done flirting with the 30s for this season. Maybe we'll be surprised!

    alewis, I'm trying to be careful. I've had back issues for quite a while, but only annoying ones, nothing really serious.


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