Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Was that Miss Muffet I saw running in the vineyard?

Or was it August, high-tailing it out of here? Either way, September has arrived. I think the summer feels short this year because it started late and because we've been concentrating on the attic work and not much else. We still have three weeks of summer left and are hopeful that the weather will be good so we can continue harvesting our garden and preparing the yard for winter.

Another garden spider out in the vineyard. We've seen a lot of them this year.

By the time fall arrives, we should pretty much moved around and cleaned up. Then we can shift our labor to garden and yard, preparing it for winter. But it is all worth it to have the new space. There will be photos once we've moved some things. Right now there's nothing much to see except big expanses of white walls.


  1. YUUKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not a big fan for anything with more than 4 legs.

  2. It's hard to believe September is here. Though I do enjoy the fall, and look forward to it.

    Lovely close up of the spider. Once again, you have a wonderful eye for photography.

  3. DD had one of these in her yard- it was huge and got her attention right away.
    They are photogenic spiders.

    Glad the painting is over with!

  4. I love photographs of spiders, but I can't stand being near them for real. That awful movie "Arachnophobia" ruined me forever.

  5. You know how there are those kind of silly blog awards that run around the 'Net? Well, they should make one for "Best post titles", and it would go to you, Monsieur WCS!


  6. spiders give me the heebie jeebies
    I jumped a bit when I signed in today.

  7. L&S, but these are pretty and they're harmless.

    rick, I like the fall, too. It's normally my favorite time of year.

    evelyn, Ken got a better shot of the one that was in our veg garden, but this one isn't too bad.

    cubby, I guess I'm lucky I didn't see that movie!

    judy, lol

    michael, yet you have no problem with ghosts!


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