Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The house is all jumbled up. Yesterday we moved the living room furniture upstairs. Well, most of it. The big sectional sofa thing went up to the new space. The chairs stayed down. We'll be adding a couple more chairs to the living room to make a less-cramped sitting room. That will be the "public" part of the house, while the loft will be our "private" space.

Grape leaves are starting to show their autumn colors out in the vineyard.

As the furniture gets moved, I'm cleaning and mopping the tile floors beneath before putting it back together in the new configuration. Today I intend to work on the dining room side of the great room. Again, the dining area will gain a little more space around the table, making things seem much less cramped.

I think Ken is posting photos of the loft space today here. I'll have pics of the reconfigured living/dining areas once that's all put back together. We're making great progress and the cleaning is feeling really good -- we skipped spring cleaning this year because of the construction work.

We spent last evening on the sofa in the new space. A couple glasses of wine, some toaster oven pizzas (sandwich bread with fresh tomato slices and mozzarella), and Casablanca on the DVD player. Here's looking at you, kid.


  1. And did the lines "Play it again Sam" ever exist in the movie.
    Mind you, I did enjoy the Woody Allen version.

  2. How satisfying it all is :))) Great job, guys!


  3. In one of the photos Ken posted today I see a glass of white wine and one of rosé. I guess the rosé was yours? :)

  4. Where are you going to place my bed?

  5. "We spent last evening on the sofa in the new space. A couple glasses of wine, some toaster oven pizzas, and Casablanca on the DVD player."

    Sounds like the perfect evening, you both deserved it.

    Congratulations on your new family room!


  6. leon, no, the line is "Play it, Sam." Woody Allen version?

    judy, thanks!

    martine, correct!

    cubby, in the guest room, of course, with all the others. It's starting to get crowded in there...

    bettyann, it was nice! Thanks!


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