Sunday, September 05, 2010

What do these look like?

To me they look like cactus growing out of the scrub in some desert. In reality they're new pine cones growing on the fir tree outside the window of the den. The cones are less than two inches long and they won't get much bigger. When they fall they'll litter the ground and will have to be raked up.

Fresh pine cones growing on one of our trees.

I've made some more progress in the attic by painting the closet doors, hanging them, and removing more tape from the floor and beams. We've taken some rugs up in anticipation of moving furniture up there real soon. Ken moved his desk and computer up, too.

Today we're invited out for lunch in nearby Couffy. There will be dogs in attendance and Callie will have fun playing with friends. Mostly they'll just lie about after some getting-reacquainted sniffing. We should see the afternoon high near 26/27ºC (almost 80ºF).


  1. Hmm, pine cones on a fir tree. I'm calling Ripley's Believe It or Not.

    We hope you really enjoy having a day off. You deserve it after all you've been through. How is your neck at this point?

  2. Oh, a comfy party in Couffy with dogs no less! I bet Callie will be in charge. Enjoy.

    Perhaps that pine is a distant relative to a cactus. Our longleaf pine trees branch out exactly like a saguaro cactus does.

  3. Lovely photo... it looks like a blue spruce, because of the coloring. Do we know exactly what kind of tree it is?

    As I write, you're all probably enjoying your gorgeous weather at your friends' outside lunch party! (It's 9:50 a.m. here, so....almost 5:00 pm there!)


  4. Walt, What a gallery style photo. Matte and frame it. Oh but alas with pine comes the thought that winter is quickly striding up the road. Hoping the lunch was a grand event and all had a wonderful time. - GS

  5. 80 sounds lovely; I'll take it !

  6. carolyn, thanks. The neck is much better, but not totally healed yet.

    evelyn, Callie did have a good time.

    judy, the lunch was grand and bien arrosé as they say!

    g.stephen, thanks. I've got a few framing jobs ahead of this one, so it'll have to wait.

    michael, you can't have it! ;)


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