Monday, September 06, 2010

My cousin the artist

My cousin Mark is an accomplished artist. I've seen one of his shows and I regret missing another. He's a talented guy. And part of his work captures our home town of Albany, New York, one of my favorite subjects. I recently bought a print of one of his paintings and it arrived this past weekend.

The Daily Grind by Mark Gregory.

I'm very excited and proud to have one of Mark's works. He joked about how my purchase was his first international art sale. And now his art will be hanging in France. How cool is that? This one is called "The Daily Grind." It's the name of a coffee shop in downtown Albany. If I'm not mistaken, Mark included a self-portrait on the lower left; he's pushing what looks like a few cases of wine on a dolly.

Like I said, he's a very talented guy. I'm not prejudiced or anything. Check him out here.


  1. Looks ace! When are you modeling for him?

  2. I love this kind of artwork, full of life and colour. He's very talented, your cousin. It obviously runs in the family !!

  3. I love this work and I love his style. It is so cool to have someone with such talent in your family. I took a look at his catalog and also love the one called "Bombers Burrito Bar". Great stuff!

  4. I like your cuz's work! I enjoyed looking at his collection, especially the one called 118 Lancaster. Downtown Louisville has some of the same sort of buildings which are nice to look at.

    I'm glad Bertie is free again- he does seem to gad about.

  5. I like 'The Daily Grind'. If that is typical of his work, then it is very much to my taste.

  6. Poor Bertie, free at last and happy to be home!
    Has your talented cousin been to France yet?

  7. This is a truly beautiful picture. Your cousin has a lot of talent, I just been to his website. He also has a very individual style. Lucky you to have this cousin and this piece of his art!

  8. Its funny you mentioned Albany.... because that was my first thought when I glanced at the artwork. Albany! What a very nice piece of work.

  9. Wow, I love your cousin's work! I ditto Nadege's question... has he been to France? I, too, love the colors and the style :))


  10. Beautiful work, you made a great choice. Does wine run in the family too?

  11. He is very talented....Barb

  12. I, too, visited his website. I like his work very much. Something that struck me is that while so many photographers and artists strive to eliminate wires from their work, Mark makes the wires very much a part of his work. In this particular picture, I love the placement of the sign for the coffee house and the use of very black and very white on that sign which makes it stand out in the picture.

  13. evol, thanks. If I'm smart, never.

    jean, I'm not sure "runs" is the right word...

    cubby, and they're all real places!

    evelyn, we're trying to keep a close eye on Mr. Bert now. He seems glad to be free.

    victor, I think you'd like his other stuff, then.

    nadege, he hasn't been to France yet, but he says "one of these days."

    kristi, yes!

    alewis, you must have been down on Lark street when you visited Albany. Did you go to the Daily Grind?

    judy, :)

    andy, it's funny because the last time I saw Mark (last November) he was working in a wine shop. And I remembered seeing your brother's art at your SF place.

    barb, yup!

    cheryl, he also did a pen & ink of my grandmother's house (which she since sold) that hangs in her new place. Good memories.


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